How to check your tillage before till pre-season?

Cultivators provide uniform soil distribution to accelerate the rate of drought so that you can grow earlier and grow faster in longer growing seasons. Good soil cultivation means the appropriate size and distribution of pores and soil aggregates within the seed area, improved seed to soil contact, faster germination and more uniform crop emergence. This pre-season checklist prepares your farming for the best growing season:

1. Read all safety instructions in the operating instructions.

2. Check all bolts are tightened. If the tool is new, check after one hour of operation and a few hours of operation.

3. Replace any seriously worn, damaged or damaged ground tools.

4. Check that the tire is properly ventilated according to the PSI listed in the operator's manual.

5. Check the hub bolts daily.

6. Lubricate all parts according to the lubrication section of the operator's manual.

7. Inspect, repack, or replace (if necessary) walking beam bearings, wheel bearings and seals.

8. Check hose, hose routing and hydraulic cylinder. Any leaks or worn hose should be replaced.

9. Check the warning and taillights are working properly.

For more information on cultivator maintenance spare parts, please see our parts catalog/ online website.

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