How to find your matched tractor?

How to find your matched tractor?

Determining tractor/planter compatibility requires some specifications.

Check if your tractor and planter are the perfect match by following points.

• The horsepower and weight of the tractor must be sufficient to maintain the control of the planter in field and transport conditions. This is especially important when operating on hills or unstable soils that require additional control.

• The planter is equipped with multiple hydraulic motors that drain back to the tractor when back pressure is required. Low pressure is defined as less than 25 PSI at full flow conditions. Refer to your tractor operator's manual for proper low-pressure return connections to the tractor.

• When using a hydraulic PTO pump to power plant vacuum and bulk fill fans, refer to the specific tractor installation instructions for the PTO pump torque limit kit.

• Set the tractor three-point suspension adjustment as described in the operator's manual. For example, with a three-point suspension quick connector connection, the swing adjustment between the pendant installation toolbar planter and the plotter will

• The electrical system requirements include a standard seven-pin connector receptacle for safety lighting and the power supply for the cooling system (if equipped) of the flower pot hydraulic system.

• After the connection is complete, thoroughly check the wiring of all hoses and electrical harnesses between the tractor and the seed drill.

• Turn the tractor/planter combination by turning left and right, and raise and lower the tractor or seeder hooks to ensure that there is no interference.

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