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06 Jiamusi combine harvester plant was acquired by John Deere
Time: 2017-11-30
World Economic and Power Strategy Papers Analysis of Jiamusi Combine Harvester Plant Acquired by John Vail 1 Analysis of Jiamusi Combine Harvester Plant Acquired by John Vail The Union Plant was established in 1946 and has a history of 60 years.
Enterprise formerly known as Hejiang industry, agricultural machinery repair, manufacturing-based, is the cradle of industrial Jiamusi City.
The early 50s of last century, the company changed its name to Jiamusi agricultural machinery factory, the introduction of the former Soviet Union's large grain thresher.
At that time the company's main product is a simple thresher, seeder, ditching machine.
In 1980, the company merged with Jiamusi Harvesting Machinery Plant and its name became the well-known Jiamusi combine harvester factory. It is also known as the four major combine harvester plants with Siping, Jilin, Kaifeng, Henan and Xinjiang Combine Harvester Plant.
The remaining three are imitation of foreign products in the early, but the only good joint production of self-developed Harvest 3.0 combine harvester at that time was only able to produce a simple combine harvester, so the introduction of technology to make China's agricultural equipment production leapt to the international 80's level.
By 1984, after digestion and absorption, Allianz began small-scale production of Deere 1000 series combine harvesters.
The introduction of this technology fills a gap in the production of large-scale combine harvesters in China and ends the history of all large-scale combine harvesters in China relying on imports.
Therefore, the introduction of technology to make Allianz brilliant for a while, the key is the country alone.
Allianz's large combine harvesters have a high reputation in the Northeast State-owned Farms, Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps and North China, accounting for 95% of the domestic market.
Therefore, the introduction of technology, both government departments and industry peers, are considered successful.
As a result, the best in the country's agricultural machinery industry, especially in the combine harvester industry has laid a leading position.
From "Jiamusi after the acquisition of thinking."
The introduction of the John Deere 1000 Series Combine Harvester technology in 1982 brought great changes to Carpenter, but not a drastic change.
From 1982 to 1997, 15 years, the United States Deere has developed a lot of series from the 1000 series, while the Union's products are still mainly the 1000 series, the quality of the products produced are not completely pass, and John? Deere's Difference in product quality.
The source explained that the reason for this phenomenon is: Although the good use of John Deere technology, but due to the production of agricultural machinery manufacturing is a systematic project, to some extent, the ability of enterprises to digest the introduction of technology is still very Limited product quality from the procurement of raw materials, manufacturing technology and production management and many other aspects of the constraints.
Therefore, quite a long time, although the United Alliance has the United States technology, but also to see the domestic market to eat, poor market efficiency of enterprises fell into the doldrums, good market enterprises like, roughly five years will experience a fluctuation.
By 1996, the production and operation of enterprises had been very difficult and the liquidity was extremely scarce.
In addition, as John Deere 1000 series of products can not be exported, and the domestic market, good time and no funds invested to expand production, by 1997, the Union has reached 130% debt ratio, really to the point.
However, business difficulties, can not be said that the introduction of technology is unsuccessful.
An emergency changed the pattern and speed of the negotiation.
Wang Lianzhong, director of Allianz, died of accident.
The balance of negotiations began to tilt to Deere.
Deere company finally got his wish.
From the "China International Tendering Network" how to buy the Union joint venture in 1946, formerly known as "Hejiang Industry" to agricultural machinery repair, manufacturing-based, is the cradle of industrial Jiamusi City.
In the early 1950s, the company changed its name to Jiamusi Agricultural Machinery Manufacturing Plant and introduced Soviet technology to produce thresher, seeder and trencher.
In 1980 and Jiamusi Harvest Machinery Factory merger, renamed Jiamusi combine harvester factory.
Allianz and Siping, Kaifeng, Xinjiang combine harvester plant and said four major harvester plant.
China did not have a large harvester production capacity.
At that time, state-owned ranches needed a large self-propelled combine harvester, but Harvest's harvest of 3.0 was trouble-free for one or two hundred hours while products from developed countries amounted to several thousand hours.
In 1980, Wang Zizhong, director of Allianz, reported to the Ministry of Machinery Industry that he wants to introduce advanced technologies from the world and produce high-tech agricultural machinery in China.
At the time, Allianz's technology was not leading in the country, but the analysis of the World Economic and Major Strategy Paper on the acquisition of Jiamusi Combine Harvester Plant by John Weill promoted the introduction of technology for agricultural machinery and equipment in China.
Ministry of Machinery decided that Allianz and Kaifeng Harvester Factory jointly introduced the John Deere 1000 series combine harvester technology from the United States.
Technology import agreement signed in 1981, by an import and export company in China to provide a total of 800 million U.S. dollars to introduce technology loans.
John Deere is a Fortune 500 company with manufacturing, R & D, product services, marketing and management of agricultural equipment in the forefront of the world.
With 48,000 employees worldwide, manufacturing facilities in 16 countries and product marketing in more than 160 countries and territories.
After the introduction of digestion and absorption, in 1984, good start small batch production John Deere 1000 series combine harvester.
The introduction of this technology fills a gap in the production of large-scale combine harvesters in China and ends the history of all large-scale combine harvesters in China relying on imports.
Jialian became the only enterprise capable of producing large-scale combine harvesters in China. Its products have a high reputation in the Northeast State-owned Farms, Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps and North China, occupying 95% of the domestic market, and laid a solid foundation in the combine harvesters nationwide Leading position.
On the basis of the first introduction, Jialian also introduced the technology of John Deere 1100 series, but this series only improved the aesthetics and comfort on the basis of the 1000 series, so there was no mass production.
Joint venture and sole proprietorship Since 1982, John Deere has developed a variety of series from the 1000 series, while the Union or 1000 series, product quality and John Deere disparity.
Agricultural machinery is a system, a single enterprise digestive technology is limited, and product quality by the raw materials, spare parts quality and technology, management and other aspects of the constraints.
For example, Allied exports of goods when the new brand-new to Malaysia after the surface paint off, so far, John Deere joint venture company also did not solve the problem of spots on the surface, can not be exported.
Allianz mainly relies on the domestic market, the market is a bit weaker, and the efficiency of enterprises is declining. When the market turns better, it has no capital to invest in expanding production and experiences a fluctuation in about five years.
In 1997, the asset-liability ratio reached 130%, making it difficult to maintain.
In 1994, John Deere sent people to China to look for partners.
Because Jiamusi is located in the center of large-scale state-owned farm in Sanjiang Plain, Jiulian has the accumulation of technology import and the large-scale combine harvester occupies a monopoly position in China. Only Jialian may become its rival in China's agricultural machinery industry.
So John Deere selected good couplets as a joint venture partner.
At that time, whether a joint venture, Chinese holding or foreign holding, there are different voices.
Allied staff, represented by Allianz's old director Wang Zi-zhong, believed that there was no need for joint ventures if technology had been introduced, and there were more than one good joint venture for enterprises. In the future, if there is national support, there will be opportunities for development.
If a certain joint-venture, we must adhere to two: First, the overall joint venture (full, all assets joint ventures), the second is controlled by the Union.
John Deere put forward: Joint venture only with good quality Union, controlled by John Deere.
Can be controlled by China and ultimately controlled by John Deere. He threatened: I can choose joint ventures with Kaifeng and Siping enterprises. If China holds a controlling stake, I will not provide more advanced technologies, and Jiamusi investment climate will not be advantageous.
John Deere also invited Jiamusi City to organize a delegation to the United States.
Wang Jia Qin, director of the original good Union, said: "One of their production line can produce a variety of models, mostly manipulator operations, from raw material procurement to product off the assembly line, after-sales service, are microcomputer control. Products almost no inventory, The gap between China's agricultural machinery and foreign equipment is indeed great. "The delegation immediately thought that John Deere was the best joint venture partner of Allianz," two steps to go and take a step, "so that John Deere joint-stock holding.
They think: It is too difficult for Chinese enterprises to independently develop large-scale combine harvesters, so that John Deere Holdings can inspire it to make every effort to develop in China. And people "have abundant capital and technology. In the future, joint-venture products not only can occupy the domestic market, but also can go to the world So that enterprises bigger and stronger. "
At this point, the old director of Allianz Wang Zizhong died of an accident, so tilt the balance of negotiations.
May 1997, the two sides signed a joint venture contract.
World Economic and Power Strategy Papers Analysis of Jiamusi Combine Harvester Plant Acquired by John Weill 3 After the joint venture, Allied will convert the 1000 Series, 1100 Series, 3060 Series and quality assets joint ventures such as shredders introduced from John Deere , Equivalent to 40% stake.
The original Union has more than 4,000 employees, nearly a thousand retired workers, only 1,500 people into the joint venture, and the other 1,500 remain in the old Allianz.
Another three for the joint support of the collective plant, did not enter the joint venture.
Corporate banking debt and other social liabilities left to the old Allianz.
The joint-venture contract stipulates the three policies of Lianlian: 1) The joint-venture company rented facilities, such as factories, open spaces, warehouses, office buildings and freight yards of Jialian;
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